home, sweet home

Here are the long awaited photos of our new home! I’ll walk you through a brief tour from the front to the back of our sweet little second floor duplex. It’s still in the “becoming homey” stages, so don’t judge it’s bare walls (feel free to send me art though, if you’re feeling sorry for my color-free palate). Oh and I didn’t include any photos of the shared basement because, it’s scary down there (ok, technically there is one photo from the basement demonstrating one very awesome feature of our home.. read on!).


As you enter (see door frame on right) this is what you see to your right hand side. It’s our mitten, glove, scarf, purse, computer bag, mail, keys collecting area. Because we wanted a guest room instead of an office in this house, the desk had to go somewhere and this is where it landed. So our office/junk bench greets you upon your arrival!


That is unless you’re first taken up with our lovely little fake fireplace (ht, IKEA for the huge candles). This is by far my favorite part of the house as it all sort of looks like it works - not the case with other rooms (ie. none of our bedroom furniture actually fits in our bedroom except for the bed). This is where we spend the majority of our time, eat all of our meals at present since we’ve yet to find that perfect dining room table off craigslist, have our devotions in the morning, and stare at each other for long periods of time scheming up plans for friends (we’ll invite them over to help us unpack! we’ll encourage them to join our gym so we can.. sweat.. together?, we’ll invite ourselves over to their houses for dinner, there! that’s a good one). Yep, we’re still working on the friend thing.


Alright, enter table-less dining room. Side note, yours truly had the brilliant idea of collecting liquor boxes from a local store for packing up all of our books. Liquor boxes are sturdy, excellent for packing! But what about unpacking? Josh & I are completely unmotivated to unpack the books since we think this little home will be packing up again in a year or so. Which leaves us in a debacle. Haul all the books out or let Jack Daniels, Jose Cuervo, and Bombay Sapphire party on our shelf for the year?!


Now about that cold you’ve all been pitying us for. It’s Real! See below. We woke up to, quite literally, frosted window panes the first morning we were here. It’s romantic when put to music, but a bit intimidating when you’re contemplating starting the car in sub zero temperatures. For those of you who think I’m exaggerating, it was -16 last Friday.


On a brighter note, here is my sunny little kitchen. I am grateful for it, I just don’t think it was such a good idea to start married life in my previous kitchen. Nope. My man built me extra cabinets though, and I love him for it. He detests (strong word intended) pretty much any home-building project, so it demonstrated great love to me. He’s a keeper!


And so you get an idea for the layout of the house, I’m standing in the living room, facing the front of the house, with the kitchen to my left while taking this photo.


If I were to continue walking to the back of he house I’d come to a T-shaped hallway with the bathroom in the center, the master bedroom to the left, and guest bedroom to the right. Here’s our BEDroom with my P.G. Wodehouse Christmas present on the side table. I’m very much loving this present and reading it most nights before bed. Josh can’t comprehend. He doesn’t do fiction.


For anyone interested, here’s a snapshot of our commode.


Now for that really awesome feature I alluded to earlier… we have a laundry chute! I discovered it the day we moved in, stuck my head in and realized it was a clear shot all the way from the top floor to the basement where our washer and dryer hang out. Score! Not only is it fun to throw your clothes down, down, down and hear them swoosh to the bottom, but it’s really nice not to have dirty clothes piling up in hampers, especially  since they wouldn’t even fit in our bedroom. I wondered what was at the other end…..


…and found what resembled a very large birdcage, for clothes! So now all I have to do is twist open the clothes cage, separate my darks from lights and throw my clothes in the wash, conveniently located next to the cage!


Last but not least our bed and breakfast is up and running and we’re ready for guests! Come one, come all, come frequently and soon! We miss all you virginian, marylander, DCites (and thundering bayers and vancouverites and anyone else I missed) and would love it if you’d consider a trip. The snow is great! Don’t wait till spring! I’ll even bake you cookies and we can go sledding.

Some of you have been asking to see our place, and it’s not quite ready for the world to see, so instead, here’s a sneak peak of the living room (the only current live-able space, so thus appropriately named) and a few photos of our little snowy neighborhood.

the search is on!

Josh & I decided upon moving to the twin cities that we would attempt to find the best slice of pizza pie in the area and we would do this by visiting (at least) one pizza place every friday night for the first year. We’ve constructed a 1-10 ranking system where we rate:



*Overall taste


This week we actually tackled two pizza locations (we’ve been moving and our kitchen is all but packed up: Josh’s excuse). The Hoganson’s accompanied us to Angelo’s on Friday night and the Anderson’s took us to Old Chicago on Saturday. See below for photos and rankings.


It ranked…. 6 in crust, 6 in sauce, 6.5 overall, and 9 in service (Minnesotans are nice!). It was so-so.

Old Chicago

We loved this place and WILL be going back soon. It ranked…. 8.5 for crust, 8 for sauce, 8.5 overall, and 8 for service (there was a guy who came to the table and make balloon animals for the kids!).

So there’s our first week of pizza!

Moving Day #2 & 3

Yesterday Mom, Miss Patty and Jen came over to help finish up the packing and cleaning. They got a ton done and I couldn’t have been ready for today without them!

Today the truck is here - hauling away all of our earthly goods to the land of snow & potatoes. We have a beautiful day for moving, sunny with a high of 42 (and for January, you can’t ask for much better!). One day closer… tomorrow we land in the twin cities!

Moving Day #1

Today is day #1 of our big move to Minneapolis. The Christmas decorations have all come down, all of our books are packed, and today we’re boxing up all breakables (goodbye lighting) & the entire kitchen. So we’ll be more or less “camping” in our house until we leave on Thursday. Should be interesting. 

Oh yeah and people asked us to start a blog when we moved. So this is our blog if you care to know what’s going on in our lives at any point in time.